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* Copyright (C) 2021 Christopher J. Howard
* This file is part of Antkeeper source code.
* Antkeeper source code is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* Antkeeper source code is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with Antkeeper source code. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
#include "utility/fundamental-types.hpp"
#include "resources/string-table.hpp"
#include "geometry/aabb.hpp"
#include <optional>
#include <entt/entt.hpp>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>
// Forward declarations
class ambient_light;
class animator;
class application;
class behavior_system;
class billboard;
class bloom_pass;
class camera;
class camera_system;
class clear_pass;
class collision_system;
class compositor;
class config_file;
class constraint_system;
class control;
class control_set;
class control_system;
class directional_light;
class final_pass;
class framebuffer;
class locomotion_system;
class logger;
class material;
class input_listener;
class material_pass;
class nest_system;
class orbit_cam;
class pheromone_matrix;
class snapping_system;
class point_light;
class rasterizer;
class render_system;
class resource_manager;
class samara_system;
class scene;
class screen_transition;
class shadow_map_pass;
class simple_render_pass;
class sky_pass;
class spotlight;
class subterrain_system;
class terrain_system;
class texture_2d;
class timeline;
class tool_system;
class ui_system;
class spatial_system;
class vegetation_system;
class vertex_array;
class vertex_buffer;
class renderer;
class model_instance;
class input_event_router;
class input_mapper;
class cli;
class outline_pass;
class tracking_system;
class painting_system;
class weather_system;
class astronomy_system;
class solar_system;
struct biome;
template <typename T> class animation;
template <typename T> class material_property;
template <typename T> class tween;
struct game_context
application* app;
logger* logger;
std::ofstream log_filestream;
// Command-line options
std::optional<std::string> option_biome;
std::optional<bool> option_continue;
std::optional<std::string> option_data;
std::optional<bool> option_fullscreen;
std::optional<bool> option_new_game;
std::optional<bool> option_quick_start;
std::optional<bool> option_reset;
std::optional<int> option_vsync;
std::optional<bool> option_windowed;
// Paths
std::string data_path;
std::string config_path;
std::string mods_path;
std::string saves_path;
std::string screenshots_path;
std::string data_package_path;
// Config
config_file* config;
// Resources
resource_manager* resource_manager;
// Localization
std::string language_code;
int language_index;
string_table* string_table;
string_table_map string_table_map;
std::unordered_map<std::string, std::string>* strings;
// Framebuffers
framebuffer* shadow_map_framebuffer;
texture_2d* shadow_map_depth_texture;
framebuffer* framebuffer_hdr;
texture_2d* framebuffer_hdr_color;
texture_2d* framebuffer_hdr_depth;
framebuffer* framebuffer_bloom; // General purpose framebuffer A
texture_2d* bloom_texture;
// Rendering
rasterizer* rasterizer;
renderer* renderer;
vertex_buffer* billboard_vbo;
vertex_array* billboard_vao;
material* fallback_material;
material* splash_billboard_material;
texture_2d** marker_albedo_textures;
// Compositing
bloom_pass* overworld_bloom_pass;
clear_pass* overworld_clear_pass;
clear_pass* overworld_shadow_map_clear_pass;
clear_pass* ui_clear_pass;
clear_pass* underworld_clear_pass;
final_pass* overworld_final_pass;
material_pass* overworld_material_pass;
material_pass* ui_material_pass;
material_pass* underworld_material_pass;
outline_pass* overworld_outline_pass;
shadow_map_pass* overworld_shadow_map_pass;
simple_render_pass* underworld_final_pass;
sky_pass* overworld_sky_pass;
material_property<const texture_2d*>* underground_color_texture_property;
compositor* overworld_compositor;
compositor* underworld_compositor;
compositor* ui_compositor;
// Scene
scene* active_scene;
scene* overworld_scene;
scene* underworld_scene;
scene* ui_scene;
camera* overworld_camera;
camera* underworld_camera;
camera* ui_camera;
ambient_light* sun_indirect;
directional_light* sun_direct;
directional_light* moon_light;
point_light* subterrain_light;
ambient_light* underworld_ambient_light;
billboard* splash_billboard;
aabb<float> no_cull;
spotlight* lens_spotlight;
spotlight* flashlight_spotlight;
// Animation
timeline* timeline;
animator* animator;
tween<double>* time_tween;
tween<float3>* focal_point_tween;
animation<float>* radial_transition_in;
animation<float>* radial_transition_out;
screen_transition* fade_transition;
screen_transition* radial_transition_inner;
screen_transition* radial_transition_outer;
animation<float>* equip_tool_animation;
animation<float>* unequip_tool_animation;
// Controls
input_event_router* input_event_router;
input_mapper* input_mapper;
input_listener* input_listener;
control_set* application_controls;
control_set* camera_controls;
control_set* menu_controls;
control* menu_back_control;
control* menu_select_control;
control* screenshot_control;
control* toggle_fullscreen_control;
// Entities
entt::registry* ecs_registry;
entt::entity brush_entity;
entt::entity flashlight_entity;
entt::entity forceps_entity;
entt::entity lens_entity;
entt::entity marker_entity;
entt::entity container_entity;
entt::entity twig_entity;
entt::entity focal_point_entity;
// Systems
behavior_system* behavior_system;
camera_system* camera_system;
collision_system* collision_system;
constraint_system* constraint_system;
control_system* control_system;
locomotion_system* locomotion_system;
nest_system* nest_system;
snapping_system* snapping_system;
render_system* render_system;
samara_system* samara_system;
subterrain_system* subterrain_system;
terrain_system* terrain_system;
tool_system* tool_system;
ui_system* ui_system;
vegetation_system* vegetation_system;
spatial_system* spatial_system;
tracking_system* tracking_system;
painting_system* painting_system;
weather_system* weather_system;
astronomy_system* astronomy_system;
solar_system* solar_system;
// Game
biome* biome;
// Debug
cli* cli;
// Misc
pheromone_matrix* pheromones;